English Language

The Study offers a learning solution that promotes the value of both independent learning and personalized instruction. Students are given access to interactive language enrichment materials via Pearson’s English Learning System. Students are also encouraged to join The Study’s social clubs to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment. The language lessons taught in these social clubs are designed to improve one’s conversational skills and allow to use the language in everyday situations.

Social Club Package: Unlimited Social English

Oxbridge Package: Unlimited Intensive English

Social English classes are conversational in nature. The topics revolve around everyday experiences, popular culture and current events. Each class is 1.5 hours long and the topics change monthly to cater to the interests and needs of existing and new students. The modular approach is employed so that the topics will be autonomous and may cater to the specific needs of the students enrolled for a particular period of time. In these classes, students are encouraged to meet other nationalities and mingle with new faces. Through the students’ daily interactions with their peers, they shall be able to hone their productive language skills without hesitation or fear. Intensive English classes are designed for students who need to develop the basic foundations of the English language and eventually be able to master grammatical and syntactical skills. A more structured and academic teaching approach is used to build the students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The spiral curriculum is applied as students are taught simplified information first and tackle more complex information later on. Therefore, lessons are taught according to degree of difficulty. As the lessons become more challenging, students become more inquisitive, critical and independent.
Unlimited Social English+ 24 hours of One-on-one per month
Duration Tuition
9 months – 1 year PHP 24,000/month
6 – 8 months PHP 26,500/month
3 – 5 months PHP 28,500/month
1 – 2 months PHP 34,000/month
+book fee (PHP 6,000 – 6,500 per band)
Unlimited Social Class Packages
Duration Tuition
9 months – 1 year PHP 11,000/month
6 – 8 months PHP 14,500/month
3 – 5 months PHP 16,500/month
1 – 2 months PHP 22,000/month
+book fee (PHP 6,000 – 6,500 per band)
Unlimited Intensive Group Class + 24 hours of One-on-one per month
Duration Tuition
9 months – 1 year PHP 28,500/month
6 – 8 months PHP 34,500/month
3 – 5 months PHP 39,500/month
1 – 2 months PHP 45,000/month
+book fee (PHP 6,000 – 6,500 per band)
Unlimited Intensive Group Class Packages
Duration Tuition
9 months – 1 year PHP 22,000/month
6 – 8 months PHP 24,200/month
3 – 5 months PHP 27,000/month
1 – 2 months PHP 33,000/month
+book fee (PHP 6,000 – 6,500 per band)
The Languages and Tutorial Department started accommodating English as Second Language students in 2008. It became a vehicle for degree-bound students to develop and master their academic English skills prior to taking up regular degree courses in the college.
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